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Group Training & Personal Training

Our Personal Training and Group Training programs are set programs which are progressive and ongoing, set in a state of the art environment.  Sessions are blocked session over specified periods of time to give you the best results possible.
All of our sessions are a combination of strength conditioning. We utilise a wide variety of HIIT intervals, repetitions and equipment such as dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, powerbags, resistance bands, ropes, bodyweight and more. Some blocks will focus on power and speed which may include jumping, sprinting, and just about anything requiring high movement speeds, other blocks will focus on strength sessions which may include heavier weights and slightly lower intensity.
Our boxing sessions are a full body conditioning workout using both the aerobic and anaerobic system including exercises such as partner work, boxing bags, skipping and body weight training.
Our sessions are structured so you can come every day or a few times a week, which ever suits you best!
Suitable for a broad range of fitness levels. We specifically cater for those wanting to be fitter, healthier and stronger and have a wonderful supportive community for those new to fitness or those returning from a 'long' break.

We operate our Group Training and Personal Training sessions from Blundstone Arena, where we share a state of the art gym with Cricket Tasmania. The facility is like no other, consisting of the following.
  • Full gym
  • Boxing room
  • Circuit room
  • Indoor hill
  • Outdoor hill
  • Stairs
  • Beach
  • Ovals
  • Awesome community

We use the Functional Movement Systems philosophies in our program design (official launch July 1st 2016).  Integrating this system into our larger group format program design has been nothing short of amazing.  Our team at Energy really believes that this form of screening and standardising movement is essential for safe, timely, effective results.
This training philosophy is the foundation of our personal training and group personal training program design at Energy.  It’s our job to get results and keep you injury free.  It’s all about the quality of the movement, not the quantity.

GPT Prices

Choose a Program Fee Structures
Starter Kit: (includes: energy back sack, boxing gloves, drink bottle) - $80.00
12 One Hour Group PT Sessions - $198.00
18 One Hour Group PT Sessions - $264.00
Unlimited Group PT - $35.00 per week (3 months minimum – 10 sessions + to choose from)
Unlimited Group PT + 30 Minute PT - $80.00 per week (3 months minimum)
Unlimited Group PT + 60 Minute PT - $120.00 per week (3 months minimum)
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Forms and Applications

  • Liability Release Form

  • Adult Pre-Screening Tool

Group PT Schedules
  1. Monday
    6:00am STRENGTH 6:00pm HIIT
    STRENGTH - Weights (60min) HIIT - High intensity interval training (50min)
  2. Tuesday
    6:00am SPARTAN 6:00pm CIRCUIT
    SPARTAN - Boxing (60min) HIIT - Mixed circuit weights, boxing & (60min)
  3. Wednesday
    6:00am HIIT 6:00pm HIIT
    HIIT - Metabolic fusion weight training (60min) HIIT - High intensity interval training (50min)
  4. Thursday
    6:00am BOXING 6:00pm SPARTAN
    BOXING - Boxing training mixed with high intensity intervals (60min) SPARTAN - Boxing, kicking & body weight (60min)
  5. Friday
    6:00am STRENGTH
    STRENGTH - Weights session (60min)
  6. Saturday
    7:00am RUNNING
    A social running session including long runs, interval sessions, track sessions and more! (60min)